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A hut in the rice fields

Beginnings of our organic farm

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It's been more than two months that we started our "Organic Veggie Garden". The start was truly an ordeal - hedgehogs, ants, caterpillars, more ants, our dogs, pounding rain or days on end no rain and too much hot sun, more pounding rain and again more ants! 
We were sure
our veggie garden would fail! I was adamant about the use of anything non-organic, but Kadek thankfully is willing to learn. We bought books at a local bookstore in Indonesian about composting, organic farming and vertical farming. The pictures in the books looked great and we were envious of other "farmer's" success. 
To my surprise Kadek told me today that our "farm" is a success. We have had several harvests of green beans, yard long beans, cucumbers and tomatoes. Not to mention the cart loads of "sayur hijau" - literally translated to green vegetable. 
I have yet to find a good translation of "sayur hijau", but it is a type of leafy green cabbage. A great vegetable to have in your garden and on your table!
Hopefully I'll have pictures of our growing "organic farm" soon!
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