Kubu Carik - Karangasem Bali

A hut in the rice fields
A hut in the rice fields, but our bungalows offer a lot more!

Kuhum - Karangasem

Located in the East of Bali in the province of Karangasem, near the city of Amlapura.

Place in the foot hills of the infamous Gunung Agung, Kuhum is a quiet village away from the usual tourist traps.

Karangasem offers a few points of interest off the beaten track. Amed, Tirtagangga, Ujung, Lempuyang and Amlapura to name a few.

Kubu Carik

My father built this place about 10 years ago. A Dutch man born and raised in Indonesia, was bound to return at some point in his life. And this he did!

Kubu Carik is built to blend into the environment. my father felt that his home in Bali should reflect the spirit and culture of Bali.

With all the separate buildings and open living and dining Kubu Carik has blended modern comfort with the traditions of Bali.


From the beginning it was not planned that Kubu Carik be shared with the public. And for many years we kept our place a family secret, sharing it with only a select few.

In 2009 I, Claudia, decided we should share why Bali truly is a paradise. We opened our doors to the public and welcome guests who appreciate the peace and beauty that Bali has to offer.

In the near future we plan to offer more than food and shelter for our guests.
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