Kubu Carik - Karangasem Bali

A hut in the rice fields
Things to do and see on Bali
Bali, one of Indonesia's many Islands offers more than a vacation at the beach. Bali is a great destination for those seeking adventure and those looking for relaxation. Bali offers many spots for diving, mountain trekking, jungle hikes and mountain bike tours. After your adventure you can get your body ready for action by enjoying a full body massage offered in practically every corner of the island.

You will find information on what to do on Bali in great supply; forums, travel web sites, travel guides etc. I will not get into all this, but will offer a couple of links that I like and Google can do the rest!
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Bali has a rich culture and with it come the many temples, shrines, palaces and much more. East Bali is a great starting point to view many points of interest.

On my website I will present places of interest as I visit them myself.
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Over the years I have heard many say that Bali is over crowded and that too many buildings are sprouting out with no sense of style.

I can show you my favorite route on the East Coast of Bali.