Kubu Carik - Karangasem Bali

A hut in the rice fields
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This is a travel blog that I love to visit. Yes, she did stay with us! And yes, she wrote wonderful things about us!
Still this blog is an interesting read in itself. It is a great resource for travelers and those that just simply enjoy life: travel, eat and explore!

Even if you never travel to any of the spots mentioned, or ever eat any of the dishes described, or ever explore the hidden treasures that life has to offer: "thewanderist" is still worth following.
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Not the best web site I admit....
But the travel guide in printed form is one of my favorites. Besides the typical travel guide advice and this travel guide offers short stories about life in Bali and the Balinese. Well worth the price!

Even if you never travel to Bali this book will give you a good insight into what Bali is really about.

If you don't own it, you can get it in Bali or at Amazon.

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Tripadvisor has a lot of useful features besides hotel and restaurant ratings.

On tripadvisor there is a section dedicated to everything Bali - hotels, flights and restaurants.
Also very useful, and why I include this link, are the "Things to Do" and "Travel Forums".
For many who are first time travelers to Bali and unfamiliar to the visas needed and what not this is a good place to look.

We are listed on tripadvisor too! Kubu Carik in Ababi.
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Lonely Planet - what more is there to say.

Lots of information and plenty of photos..... and we are yet to be listed in Lonely Planet!

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This is a great site for information on Bali. Maintained and updated by expats living on Bali.
I came across this site because one of my guests mentioned it and said we had been mentioned somewhere on the forum. I have yet to find this entry!

Despite that I have frequented this site and the forum often just to see what is being said.......